Maddie's Idea Lab Phase 1 - 4 Research Grants

Maddie's® Idea Lab Phase 1 - 4 research projects evaluate innovative ideas that impact dog or cat lifesaving, foster care or the development of animal welfare leadership. If the idea is successful, there is potential for further phases of testing, building upon the success of the initial idea by testing at more shelters and/or rescue organizations with varying demographics, over time. Some projects might enter Maddie's® Idea Lab at Phase 1 and others will enter at a later phase, depending on the pre-existing work related to the idea.

  • Phase 1 research projects evaluate a new and innovative idea at a single shelter or rescue organization, where the idea originated.
  • Phase 2 research projects evaluate the idea at one additional shelter or rescue organization, helping you to learn whether a project can be replicated.
  • Phase 3 research projects expand evaluation of the idea to three - six shelters or rescue organizations, testing the idea at organizations of varying types.
  • Phase 4 research projects evaluate the idea at 10 - 30 shelters or rescue organizations, expanding the project to less well-resourced and a broader variety of organizations.

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