January 2017 by Tim Yeaglin

Audience: Executive Leadership, Foster Caregivers, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 8 minutes

Great adoption photographs instantly grab a potential adopter's attention and can speak directly to their heart. A single photograph has lead a pet to finding his forever home - but taking a great adoption photograph and giving your homeless pets a voice isn't difficult or time-consuming and doesn't need expensive gear. Even the most inexperienced photographer can make an adoption photo sing! Find out how easy it is in this presentation by Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa, KS.

About Tim Yeaglin

Award Winning Master Photographer Tim Yeaglin is Director of Operations at Prairie Paws Animal Shelter, Inc., in Ottawa, KS, a private, no kill, non-profit shelter founded over 50 years ago by Beatrice Martin Peck. Tim's professional background in photography has garnered him many awards and put him on the list of Top Ten Photographers in Kansas City for six consecutive years.

In 2008 Tim's life and business changed forever when a Weimaraner named Teyla stole his heart. She influenced him to become a pet portrait photographer and she also inspired him to volunteer his photography services at local shelters to help homeless pets get adopted. In 2014 he was given the opportunity to help save an Ottawa, Kansas animal shelter from closing its doors and joined the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter team as the Director of Operations. You will often hear him say "this is best job in the world." Three years and thousands of pictures later, his adoption photos continue to draw potential adopters to the shelter from all over the country.