Maddie's Public Library

We believe training and blended-learning education is key for everyone, so that together we can ensure all treatable pets are given the best care and attention they deserve.

Maddie's® Public Library is just that, open to everyone. These programs are engaging, multi-platform learning opportunities from short single subject Flash Classes and "Ted Talk"-style Maddie Talks to Webcasts, Chew On This blog posts and full length courses like How to Speak Cat. We think you'll find them fun and quite valuable.

  • How to Speak Cat
  • This self-paced course takes you through the three forms of feline communication: vocalization, body language and scent. Earn a Certificate of Completion when you complete the quizzes.

  • Webcasts
  • Content Rich live web presentations from experts in the animal welfare field. Register for an upcoming one or watch on-demand.

  • Flash Classes
  • Short, condensed single topic instructional classes covering information foster caregivers need to care for their foster pets.

  • Maddie Talks
  • Short "Ted Talk” style videos demonstrating best practices from spotlight communities in our field. Are you using an innovative way to get it done? We want to hear about it - apply to create a Maddie Talk today!

  • Conference Recordings
  • Maddie's Fund® camera crew has combed the conference circuit to bring you some of the nation's most provocative and engaging animal welfare speakers.

  • Learning Tracks
  • A combination of videos, webcasts, articles, presentations and more for your team to dig into, with quizzes to make sure the information sticks.