Maddie's Short-term Foster and Field Trip Online Apprenticeship

Is your shelter or rescue looking to save the lives of more adult dogs? Then the Maddie's® Short-term Foster and Field Trips Online Apprenticeship is for you! This course will teach you how to create and run several different types of lifesaving short-term foster programs, including field trips, overnights and emergency foster care. You'll learn everything from what the research says about the benefits of short-term foster to how to structure your program to how to enlist volunteer support and troubleshoot. The online course replicates as closely as possible the onsite Maddie's® Field Trip and Sleepover Foster Apprenticeship.

What Will I Learn?
Lessons include the following components:

  • An overview of the latest research on short-term foster care for dogs, including field trips, sleepovers and emergency foster programs
  • Learn how to tailor short-term dog foster programs to your organization's population and needs
  • Learn techniques for promoting short-term programs in the community and keeping them strong

How Does it Work?
This 3-week online course runs from September 16 to October 4, 2019. Content will be presented via online learning and video conferences. Students are expected to attend all 3 video conferences, which will be held on Wednesdays at 7pm EDT. A final project is required.

Who Should Apply?
This free opportunity is for shelter/rescue organization directors and staff that are interested in learning about the effective implementation of short-term foster programs in their organization. Organizations with limited staff and financial resources are encouraged to apply, as these programs are inexpensive to run and increase community engagement.

  • There are 20 student slots available and the selection process is competitive.

Applications accepted through Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Funding Opportunity
Upon completion of this online course, organizations are eligible to apply for the Dog Field Trip grant through our friends at the Petfinder Foundation. The grant provides funding to purchase needed supplies for short-term foster/dog field trip programs including but not limited to collars, leashes, harnesses, gentle leaders, collapsible or portable water/food bowls, potty bags, Adopt Me vests, etc.