March 5, 2019

Sharon Fletcher, Director of Marketing & Communications

Pleasanton, Calif., March 5, 2019 - Maddie's Fund®, a national family foundation established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals, announced that Target Zero will be passing its lifesaving baton to Maddie's Fund.

Target Zero is a national non-profit that has created a multitude of partnerships, saving countless lives through mentorship and consultation programs to help shelter communities get to zero euthanasia. Since its inception six years ago, Target Zero has mentored over 21 US cities to achieve zero euthanasia for its shelter pet populations and has helped an additional 30 communities with online consultations in 2018.

As of this month, Target Zero Program Director Lead Shelter Veterinarian, Dr. Michael Greenberg, will transition to Maddie's Fund where he will direct its outreach programs and carry on the traditions established at Target Zero - helping communities to create the cultures and strategies to save the lives of homeless dogs and cats.

Target Zero Founder and CEO, Tracey Durning said, "We are proud of the work we have done over the past six years. Dr. Mike Greenberg has been instrumental in growing the online footprint for Target Zero to complement traditional onsite visits and I know he will continue to help save even more lives with Maddie's Fund. Target Zero's goal was always to get into as many communities as fast as possible to keep saving more and more lives. Maddie's Fund, a partner with whom we've always been totally aligned, will allow for this to happen in the best way possible."

"We are delighted to have Dr. Mike Greenberg join the Maddie's Fund team as our Director of Outreach Programs where he will continue to provide support to Target Zero fellows" said Mary Ippoliti-Smith, Executive Leadership Team. "Target Zero has been a key influencer in our movement, attracting some of the best and brightest people. The body of knowledge created by Target Zero, rooted in best practices and focused on community-based collaboration and peer-to-peer mentoring is a huge benefit to all of us."

Durning will not transition to Maddie's Fund, continuing on with her work as a systems entrepreneur in other issue areas including climate change and marine conservation. "I couldn't be more excited. I work across various social issues building results-oriented startups like Target Zero which often attract large, established players to help take them to the next level. What's happening to Target Zero is a real success story to me!"

About Maddie's Fund

Maddie's Fund® is a family foundation established in 1994 by Dave and Cheryl Duffield and is the fulfillment of a promise to their inspirational dog, Maddie. She provided them much joy from 1987 – 1997 and continues to inspire them today.

The Foundation has awarded over $275.7 million in grants toward increased community lifesaving, pioneering shelter medicine education and establishing foster care as a standard across the U.S.

Maddie's Fund proudly offers the industry a national voice, important funding opportunities for bold ideas, learning resources and access to collaborate and share innovative solutions. The Foundation invests its resources in a commitment to keeping pets and people together, creating a safety net of care for animals in need and operating within a culture of inclusiveness and humility. #ThanksToMaddie.