February 2015 by Patty Lepley Alexander and Gerri Kappler

Audience: Executive Leadership, Public, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 35 minutes

Austin Pets Alive!’s (APA) Adoptline Response Team provides email and phone mail responses to inquiries 365 days a year, 14 hours a day. This group currently handles between 150-200 emails/vmail a day and has been critical in increasing APA's adoptions and making APA responsive and informative to the public. Come learn how to build this volunteer team from the ground up! This program was part of the American Pets Alive! 2015 No-Kill Conference.

About Patty Lepley Alexander

Patty Lepley Alexander has been the manager of the Austin Pets Alive! Pass Program since October of 2010. Before that she served as lead marketer on the rescue team for dogs at risk and she is currently the AdoptLine Manager. Patty moved to Austin from Oklahoma in 2009, having fallen in love with the city and she hasn’t once regretted that decision! Patty came to Austin with plenty of experience in rescue, having volunteered for several humane organizations in Oklahoma, doing cruelty investigations for a small humane society in the Northeastern part of the state. Patty wears her mission on her sleeve, or rather on a necklace that says, "Until they all have a home."

About Gerri Kappler
Having worked professionally as a corporate finance manager for 15 years, Gerri Kappler now spends her time raising her family and many pets, volunteering as the director of APA's volunteer force, serving on APA's Board of Directors and is a many-times-over APA! cat and dog foster. In the five years she's been volunteering for APA! she has seen amazing growth and progress in their no-kill mission and is thrilled to be part of such an amazing organization.