The truth about free pet adoptions

August 29, 2017

Once shunned, no-fee pet adoptions have really come into their own. It was once conventional wisdom in the animal shelter world that pets adopted for free would suffer at the hands of diabolical people lurking in the shadows just waiting to abuse them. Surely, we thought, people who get animals for free don’t value them,… Learn More


Reducing Cat Adoption Fees Can Save Lives AND Expenses

Maria M. BenhamApril 2017

Want to decrease euthanasia rates of cats, increase adoptions, AND save big money in yearly expenses? Learn More


Removing Barriers to Adoption: How Evidence, Innovation and Compassion Grow Pet Adoptions

Cynthia D. Delany and Kelly LeeMay 2015

Because people in animal welfare often see terrible things befall pets, and because of genuine concern for the animals, we've sometimes gone overboard in terms of regulating, requiring, constraining, screening and even getting in the way of successful adoptions. Learn More


Cat Adoptions 2.0 High Volume Cat Adoptions

Monica FrendenFebruary 2015

Too many cats, not enough adopters? Supersize your cat adoption program! In this Level 2 seminar, you'll learn how to manage a population of hundreds of cats in varying stages of your organization. Learn More


Fears, Facts and Forever Homes: What We Know About Free Pet Adoptions

Susan B. Krebsbach, DVMJuly 2014

Would you love to give your pet adoption program a boost, but fear that free adoptions send the wrong message, attract the wrong people and result in bad outcomes for pets? Learn More


Maddie's Pet Adoption Days 2013 Adopter Survey Results

February 2014

Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days is the nation's biggest free pet adoption event. Its purpose is to increase awareness of shelter animals, shed light on the tireless efforts of shelters and rescue organizations and find new families for homeless dogs and cats. We surveyed adopters about the pet they adopted, the adoption agency and the 2013 MPAD event. Learn More


How to Sell Policymakers on Fee-Waived Adoption

Jeannette PetersMay 2013

It’s been proven that free pet adoptions save lives, but some communities prohibit the practice. Animal advocates in Alachua County, Florida persuaded their County Commissioners to change their restrictive policy with patience, personal relationships, research and statistics. Learn More


Free Pet Adoptions: Study Results

November 2012

The University of Florida surveyed 1,928 adopters from a fee-waived adoption event and concluded that successful adoptions do not require a fee; free adoption promotions can increase adoptions without compromising the quality of a pet's life. Learn More


The Truth About Free Cat Adoptions

August 2012

Research has proven that worries about free cat adoptions are unfounded. Now fee-waived adoptions are catching on in animal shelters nationwide. Learn More