March 2018 by Kristen Hansen

Audience: Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers, Veterinary Team

Video Length: 34 Minutes

Tens of thousands of cats are euthanized each year solely because they have been diagnosed with ringworm, a highly contagious but highly treatable skin infection about as serious as Athlete's Foot.

This workshop provides you with information on how to identify, house, and treat cats infected with ringworm. From decontamination and medication to adoptions, we empower you with knowledge to begin saving ringworm cats today.

This presentation was recorded at the 2018 American Pets Alive! Conference.

About Kristen Hansen

Kristen Hansen joined the ranks of APA!'s volunteers in the fall of 2014, helping out in the Main Cattery and the Ringworm Adoption Center. Early in 2014, she became a Bottle Baby Nursery volunteer and was soon inspired to do more to help all of the special needs kitties in APA's care.

When the opportunity came to apply for a position as an Offsite Cat Adoption Counselor, she jumped at the chance, and soon found herself taking care of cats and facilitating adoptions at both the offsite APA catteries around Austin and the onsite Ringworm Adoption Center.

The RAC is where Kristen truly found her passion, working with cats and kittens whose only crime was a little crustiness. In early 2016, Kristen became the manager of the RAC, and she now hopes to use her widely varying experiences from within and outside of APA to help further the program and save even more fungusy felines.