Saving Nevada’s Pets Conference for Shelter Leadership and Management

Maddie’s® Pet Project in Nevada presents eight talks by animal welfare leaders given at a daylong event called Saving Nevada’s Pets, made possible by the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation and supported by Maddie’s Fund®.

Recorded on October, 2018

Crazy Awesome Customer Service for Animal People

October 2018

Learn how to integrate great customer experiences into everyday interactions, developing not just a customer relationship but creating supporters, donors and even advocates.

Hills, Hollers and Humane Officers

October 2018

How a shelter in poverty-stricken Appalachia inspired change in the unlikeliest of places, and how you can, too.

How to Help People Resolve Some Common Behavior Problems and Keep Their Pets

October 2018

This talk reviews the most common behavior problems in dogs and cats and provides practical advice that can be shared with the pet owner to help keep pets in their homes.

Leadership - The Who, How, What and When

October 2018

In order to create a lifesaving community, our leadership needs to create a workshop of possibilities...the who is you, the how is together, the what is a positive attitude and the when is now.

Leadership Requires Attention

October 2018

Leadership takes a special skillset and mindset. How your staff and volunteers are managed is but one key to success. It takes courage, hard work and creativity but the pay-off is well worth every effort.

Saving More Lives with Best Practices

October 2018

This talk discuss how you can save more animals while emphasizing welfare (both for the animals, yourself and your staff) by following best practices.

The Yellow Brick Road: A Map to Fundraising Oz

October 2018

This talk will put your feet on the path to practical and sustainable strategies that even the busiest nonprofit group can use (wizard not included).

Unleashing the People Potential: How to Develop an Extraordinary Volunteer Culture for Winning Organizations

October 2018

Learn how a small municipal shelter attracted over 2,000 volunteers who give over 100,000 hours of service annually.